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・゚・。Gallery Exile ・゚・。
01 July 2011 @ 03:05 pm
in four days this journal will be deleted. why? well there will be more listings of why on my new livejournal, thesunbunny. I also have a blogspot of the same name now.
for a quick reference on why: dun like this name, it's deressing and was made at a time where I was very certain not much good was gonna come my way for a fucking long time. turne dout that is not true.
・゚・。Gallery Exile ・゚・。

Keeping ideas for art. Occasional vent. That is what this is for. Now I don't have to destroy and lose all my ideas for projects in my hundreds of unorganized sketchbooks.

Something I have been meaning to blog about: Tired of Lady Gaga. I already have big issues with plagarism when it is a specific idea that someone steals and makes a living off of. It's one thing if you draw your own version of someone's picture and keep it to yourself, it is ANOTHER if you do that and start selling it as your own. But I'm not venting about art, I'm venting about music.
I did really enjoy many songs from Lady gaga's first album. her second one I was more put off on because she was starting to sound like Madonna and losing her own touch, but also... That fart joke about religion of a song, "Alejandro", was like a rave club rip off of Ace of Base, and if you want me to get exact, I'm talking about the song "Don't Turn Around" (if any of you other kids of the 90's remember that wicked fun little song.)
So when.. "Born This Way" came out, I n o joke thought for the longest time it was Madonna, cause I was only hearing it in clothes stores or places to eat, etc. And hell, I had no issue with it being Madonna, it sounded like her older stuff, just... really unoriginal for her, cause I heard that beat from her before. I would have jumped on it being TLC, but they are no longer together... Then I heard on the radio that it waaaaaassss Lady Gaga.  Alright. Now she just has to STOP. I would have slapped a Madonna stamp on it cause it obviously sounds like "Express Yourself", but the chorus is obviously EXACTLY like TLC's "Waterfalls". While I wouldn't go as far as to say she did an EXACT ripoff --- I love Madonna, but people give Gaga so much credit as a pop innovator you'd think she built the first freakin synthesizer with her bare hands -- it's impossible to not see the thematic and melodic parallels between Her Madgesty's song and Gaga's latest fist pumping tune.

Some would say "Imitation is the sincerist form of flattery", but sometimes it is a little too far when the person uses that to... rake in cash and up their status. All I'm saying is that Gaga promotes herself and takes a whole lot of credit for producing completely original songs, and that's pretty good right there to frown on in my opinion, especially when she goes on Letterman and basks in some sort of glory about how she wrote "Born This Way" in ten minutes. She makes no move to hide the fact that she adores Madonna, but I would have more respect for her if she would acknowledge inspiration and credit to artists who she obviously takes from.

Strange as it may seem, I will take this further and say that it pisses me off in a way one of my exes did. I introduced many of my friends, and this is including my ex Chris, to a band from London called "Guillemots". I really don't care how people go about dealing with listening to the band and loving it, but I remember the first time giving Chris a listen to their CD's in my car and he went on to say they were 'okay' and we talked about them. It's obvious that "Guillemots" first big hit was their song "Trains From Brazil". One day I saw him post on his FB a link to the song, which I kind of smiled at cause I was happy to see him enjoying some music from a band I consider very talented. The caption was "cause you know I have the best taste in music..." .... uh huh... It got flooded with comments and a few people asked him how he found this band, to which he replied "you know, I do my research and read a whole lot. i just know where to find the good stuff ;)"
CLEARLY you don't read a whole lot, Chris, since I suppose you think I can't read your comment. Down the road, he became infamous in using all knowledge of art history I would talk to him about to pick up ladies who thought he was a well read dude...